• "Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!"
    Doctor Suess
  • "Society is like a stew. If you don't stir it once in a while, a layer of scum floats to the top."
    Edward Abbey
  • "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."
  • “Change doesn’t come easily. You’ll need to accept what you cannot change, at least right away, and dedicate yourself again and again to changing what you cannot accept.”
  • "What we spend our time on is probably the most important decision we make."
  • "Real change occurs from the bottom up; it occurs person to person, and it almost always occurs in small groups and locales and then bubbles up and aggregates to larger vectors of change."
  • "It's better to be a fake somebody, than a real nobody."
  • "You wanna be heard, you gotta make some noise."
  • “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”
  • “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun”
  • Compassion is an action word with no boundaries.
  • "It is surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on earth."
  • We need our individual freedom and creativity, but now, as never before, we are confronted with the need to make smart, coherent, collective technological choices on a global scale in order to survive.
    David Grinspoon
  • "When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe."
  • "Failures are infinitely more instructive than successes."
    George Clooney
  • "I told my dentist my teeth are going yellow. He told me to wear a brown tie."
    Rodney Dangerfield
  • "There is no rest when you're on planetary duty."
    Paul Watson
  • "It is possible to read the history of this country as one long struggle to extend the liberties established in our Constitution to everyone in America."
    Molly Ivins
  • "You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else."
    Albert Einstein
  • "I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring."
    David Bowie
  • "Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest."
    Mark Twain
  • "You must be the change you wish for."
    Mahatma Gandhi
  • "We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology."
    Carl Sagan
  • "Nothing has existence unless you, I, or some living creature perceives it, and how it is perceived further influences that reality. Even time itself is not exempted from biocentrism."
    Robert Lanza, M.D./PhD
  • “A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That’s why they don’t get what they want.”
  • “The real wealth of nations isn’t financial – it constitutes the contributions of people and of nature...we need an economic system that gives value to the work of caring for people and caring for our mother Earth.”
    Riane Eisler
  • "I think it’s the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately."
    George Carlin
  • “The moments that make life worth living are when things are at their worst and you find a way to laugh.”
    Amy Schumer
  • "The power of visibility can never be underestimated."
    Margaret Cho
  • "Every aspect of our lives is, in a sense, a vote for the kind of world we want to live in.”