About Us

Emanpdx represents a male worldview that is sex positive, gender equal, compassionate, and life-affirming. We reject the idea that being a man requires bulging muscles, a callous indifference to the welfare of others, and a single-minded fealty to any brand of destructive ideology. We reject the current political system that favors wealth and privilege over the common interest. We accept our responsibility as citizens of the Earth to protect and preserve the natural world, and the skies, the land, and water resources we all must depend on. As we navigate our personal journeys, we choose to find the joy and fun in life. We embrace the idea that each of us must actively seek to be the change we wish for…






A veteran writer/producer of long and short form video on social justice, clean energy, and the environment, Geoff is a long time advocate for animal rights and biodiversity protection. His photography has been exhibited in the Collins Gallery at Portland’s main library. He is principle author of The Hydrogen Age, (Gibbs-Smith Publishing, 2007).  His presence on the net includes https://vimeo.com/earthmanpdx, and http://www.ecstatictruthpdx.blogspot.com/


A physician, a naturalist, and an entrepreneur, Mark is celebrated for his photography and his remarkable compositions of nature, wildlife and women.  Mark’s extraordinary art is showcased on his website – http://www.thewild.life/index